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Coaches code of conduct

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Coaches Code of Conduct:

By volunteering to be a COACH (head coach or assistant coach) you are taking on an important position with great responsibility, and agree to abide by the following:

NPYSA, I will
⦁    Arrive to all games and practices 15 mins early.  (Field Youth Soccer does understand that at times this will not be possible, but those situations shall be rare)
⦁    Notify all team participants, with the best of my ability, of any game changes or practice changes in a timely fashion.
To my Players, I will
⦁    Create a safe environment at practices and games
⦁    Remember that I am a youth coach, the game is for children, not for adults, and making mistakes is a part of learning.
⦁    Place the well-being of the children I coach ahead of any personal desire to win
⦁    Be a positive role model with regard to character, sportsmanship and attitude
⦁    Not use profanity or abusive language or exhibit abusive behavior at games or practices.
⦁    Use positive feedback and not yell at players during practices or games.
⦁    Become knowledgeable about coaching techniques appropriate for the skills for the age I teach, and do my best to plan practices that are challenging and fun for all my players.
To Parents, I will
⦁    Be responsible for the conduct of the parents of my players and the conduct of the spectators rooting for my team. I understand it is imperative to explain acceptable play and parent behavior in a preseason meeting to ensure that they exhibit maturity and sportsmanship at all times. By my example, I will encourage my team parents to demonstrate positive support for all players, coaches, and if applicable officials.
⦁    I will encourage parents to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team and will discourage anyone from yelling at players and the referee
To Opponents, I will
⦁    Respect coaches and players from the opposing team before, during and after the game
⦁    Take appropriate steps to minimize running up the score in games that I clearly dominate
⦁    Model good sportsmanship
⦁    I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from players regardless of the situation. During the game, I am responsible for the sportsmanship of my players. If a player is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, I will take that player out of the game to calm him/her down.
To Referees, I will
⦁    Not address the referee during the game; if I have a small issue, I will discuss it with the referee calmly and patiently at halftime or after the game. If I have a major complaint, or if I think the referee was unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, I will report this opinion to the Referee Coordinator with the knowledge that my comments will be taken seriously
⦁    Do my part to ensure officials have the support of coaches, players, and spectators. Criticism of officials undermines their purpose in the game.

I understand that failure to follow these codes of conduct will result in the following:
1.    Verbal warning with a plan to change the action or lack thereof.
2.    An emergency meeting with the board to discuss changes which need to be made
3.    Immediate dismissal from the role of coaching, with no option to return to the role in future seasons.
 Code of Conduct:



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